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Returns and Cancellations:
Orders may not be cancelled, nor merchandise returned without written approval from Zephyrtronics. Returns must have a written and dated formal RMA from Zephyrtronics. There are no exceptions to this policy. Zephyrtronics reserves the right to charge a 25% restocking charge on any orders (partial or complete) returned with an RMA. With regards to any cancelled orders: Zephyrtronics reserves the right to charge a reasonable processing and handling fee if an order has been correctly processed and/or filled. Zephyrtronics is very understanding and typically will make an extra effort to help our customers who have made errors, but this is solely at Zephyrtronics discretion.

Conditions of Use of Equipment and Products: Abuse, misuse or any unauthorized activities with Zephyrtronics may result in criminal and civil penalties. Zephyrtronics equipment and products are for specified use only and not for experimentation, modification, re-engineering or anything whatsoever beyond the designated scope of the equipment and products. Zephyrtronics equipment and supplies are for industrial use only and are NOT for residential use whatsoever.  Customer must read and study the Zephyrtronics Owner's Manuals that are included with each product shipped and is advised to keep the Owner's Manuals in a safe place near the equipment for reference when using and to be aware of all warning included in the manuals before and during use.

Warranties & Liability: Zephyrtronics limited warranties are honored on all our equipment. Our warranties vary in terms and duration of the limited warranty depending on the item. Please note: Any purchase made directly from our factory will have a record of that purchase, date and the warranty period for convenience and courtesy to our customers. Customer must provide Zephyrtronics with proof of purchase and date of purchase. With regards to any purchase of Zephyrtronics equipment or product from an authorized reseller or distributor, Zephyrtronics will honor warranties if only customer can provide us with an actual copy of the original invoice. Zephyrtronics will not honor any third-party invoices that originate from an individual, any auction, internet site or any unauthorized agent or reseller. Warning: Any Zephyrtronics equipment purchased pre-owned, used, second-hand or by auction is, of course, not under any warranty with Zephyrtronics and buyer assumes all liability for such acquisitions. Zephyrtronics cannot be and will not be responsible for any liability of such equipment and product purchased not directly from Zephyrtronics, and moreover, it is impossible for Zephyrtronics to have any knowledge of the condition of such purchased equipment, its safety for use or operation or its function ability. Such buyers are “on their own” with regards to risk and usefulness of such equipment and products. Warning: Any communication with Zephyrtronics or our employees by phone or by email or fax by anyone who has purchased our equipment second-hand, or at an auction (and not directly from Zephyrtronics) does not change the status of the fact that the second-hand equipment that was purchased at auctions or resellers or any other manner other than directly from Zephyrtronics is still not in warranty and buyer or user of such equipment and products assumes all responsibility and 100% liability for such purchase(s). The fact that one may contact Zephyrtronics regarding their second-hand, pre-owned, used or non-authorized purchase of our equipment or products does not extrapolate into any suggested or inferred warranty or liability by Zephyrtronics whatsoever. Warning: Further, the fact that any customer or potential customer or user of Zephyrtronics products might contact Zephyrtronics by phone, email or fax seeking information about printed circuit boards and soldering and equipment use does not extrapolate into any guarantee, warranty, promise or recommendation of equipment or product use, tutorial, teaching whatsoever. As stated above and restated here, Customer must read and study the Zephyrtronics Owner's Manuals that are included with each product shipped and is advised to keep the Owner's Manuals in a safe place near the equipment for reference when using and to be aware of all safety and other warnings including those posted within the manuals before and during use. Because printed circuit boards vary in their substance (FR, ceramic, polyamide, composites, more) as well as in length, width, thickness, density of components, amount of metal content and can include many devices like heat sinks, transformers, connectors and more, it is impossible for Zephyrtronics or our employees to provide a perfect thermal profile and time temperature coordinates for any customer's applications. Customers and users of our equipment and products must do their own due diligence, research and then make their own determinations on their own. Zephyrtronics and our employees are not liable for any such determinations made by our customers. Be aware: Some, albeit not many, printed circuit board assemblies cannot be reworked or soldered for many reasons. Our published profiles are those well known with the industry as standards, but each individual printed circuit board/card will have its own unique thermal characteristics and properties.

Trademarks, Patents, Copyrighted Media and Intellectual Property: Unless otherwise noted or shown or in any way perceivable as third-party rights, all trademarks, patents, copyrighted media and intellectual property on this website are the sole property of Zephyrtronics, a division of Jacks’ Technologies & Industries, Inc. Any unauthorized use of our trademarks, patented products, product design, design concepts, copyright protected media including our photographs, text and our videos on our website is expressly prohibited and constitutes a violation of the copyright, trademark laws and other industrial or intellectuall property rights here in the United States of America and internationally. Zephyrtronics reserves the right to refuse to respond or reply to any who anonymously seek to engage our employees by email or phone and who refuse to identify themselves to our satisfaction by name and location to us; we do so to protect both the security of our business and our customers as well.  Warning: To those within and without the USA who seek to slander or libel our business or who seek to threaten, annoy, disturb or deceive our business by telephone, email messaging or on the internet, Zephyrtronics reserves all legal rights and remedies. WARNING: Trademarks, Patents, Copyrighted Material, Intellectual Property:  To those inside and/or outside the USA. who seek to violate our copyrights, trademarks, patents and protected intellectual property and original work, be advised that Zephyrtronics reserves all legal rights and remedies including, but not limited to, directly seeking court injunctions, court awarded recompense for tangible and intangible damages, and reporting any such abuse directly to any applicable governing authorities including the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Congress. Moreover, to those who seek to buy our original equipment clandestinely, or who through subterfuge or third party schemes seek in any attempt to violate the above mentioned trademarks, patents, copyrights, and intellectual property, as mentioned above, Zephyrtronics reserves all rights and remedies. Zephyrtronics has aggressively and successfully defended its intellectual property many times over the years from copyright infringement to patent infringement and trademark infringement both domestically and internationally against those who violated such. Such legal remedy has been made against violators from Fortune 500 companies to individuals. You are hereby noticed and warned.

Use of the Zephyrtronics Website: Both use and access of this website are strictly subject to the following conditions: Because this website is created by and maintained by Zephyrtronics, we reserve all rights to make changes to the website, modify and discontinue the website without any notice whatsoever. At our own discretion and at our own timeframe we may revise and make such changes without any prior notification or announcement. Therefore, with each visit to our website, you are asked to view our conditions of use, conditions of sale, warranties, prices for any new changes or amended material herein. Zephyrtronics is informing you that this website will change from time to time in the future as is customary with a changing business environment.

Website Liability: Zephyrtronics, to the best of its knowledge and using professional due diligence has created this website and we continue to update and expand, when needed, the information displayed herein on a continuing basis. All information on our website is for the sole purpose of showcasing our equipment and products. Information presented herein does not exempt one from doing one’s own due diligence to verify such information as accurate. Because information can change from day to day, this site may also change from day to day and at any given time within a day without any prior announcement. This also applies to our technical data, specifications, safety data sheets, charts and videos and illustrations. If user of our website feels they see any error or wants more information, user can email us with such inquiries although Zephyrtronics is not obligated to comply. Users of this website acknowledge and declare that they access this website at their own risk. Neither Zephyrtronics or any third parties involved with the creation, maintenance, updating, hosting, transmitting this website can be held liable for either access or impossibility of access of use of the Zephyrtronics website or for the fact and act that you have relied on information given on our website. No representation is made herein or warranty given, either expressly or tacitly, for the accuracy of the information on this website.



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