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ZeroFlex™ PCB Plate


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Reduce the Flex on Your X-BOX® 360 Printed Circuit Board During Rework & Repair

The ZeroFlex™ XBox PC Board Brace

ZeroFlex XBox 360 Brace
ZeroFlex™ PCB Repair, XBrace, XBox 360

Custom Machined Heavy Aluminum Plate With Mounting Studs for XBox™ 360 PCB
 Open Vents Permit Lots of Preheat
for the PC Board

Brief History: One of the most troublesome quality issues surrounding any rework or repair of the XBOX 360 game console main printed circuit board (PCB) -- sometimes referred to as the "motherboard" -- is that the PCB has a tendency to flex when heated. Of course, this tendency of this particular PCB to flex when playing video games is what is at the root of most of the problems to begin with. As one is playing video games, the console heats up inside and this particular PCB flexes, and thereby, causes the GPU or CPU chips (which are Ball Grid Array components) to break connection between between the PCB pad and the component solder "ball".

Preheating Helps Minimize Unwanted Flexing: Knowing the PCB tends to flex inside the game console when being used, it follows that the PCB also will want to flex during rework and repair when subjected to high solder reflow temperatures. Thus, it is imperative any rework of XBOX PC boards be properly preheated before attempting to solder so as to minimize damage and thermal shock to chips, to provide a quicker soldering time and also lower soldering reflow temperatures.

Introducing the ZeroFlex™ Brace: Still, because this particular PCB has a history of flexing even during, as we mentioned above, warming from playing video games, preheating alone is not enough for the XBox 360 board. This particular board needs to be braced to keep from flexing during work...even with preheat. There have been many different approaches to bracing the PCB during rework, but Zephyrtronics alone has the ZeroFlex™ Brace which grips the PCB and truly minimizes any flexing during the soldering reflow process.


XBox 360 PC Board, Ring of Death
The XBox™ 360 PCB Removed Shown
Outside the Game Console


Heavy Duty, Rigid Construction: Engineered as a tool, not as a quick knee-jerk response to a market need, the ZeroFlex™ was factory and field tested at beta sites long before its introduction to the market. Bottom line? It works!


No Risk 30 Day Trial Purchase: For those engaged video game repair and rework, we invite you to see the difference yourself and to experience the enhancement to your rework and repair quality. Each ZeroFlex is precision machined from a single, thick aluminum plate. Call for the details.




ZeroFlex™, XBrace


XBOX Zero Flex Template

Thick, Machined Metal Plate With Reciprocal Studs for PCB Holes
Thick Metal Plate Prevents PC Board Flexing During Rework
Openings Permit PCB Quicker & More Uniform Preheat From Below
Works With
ABC-XYZ Board Cradle

(Note: ZeroFlex™ Template is Included In ZLK-XBOX Kit)




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