How To DeSolder
Through-Hole Chips?

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Through Hole De-Soldering Finally Made Really Easy!
Thru-Hole De-Soldering Without Lifting Pads & Traces!

What's the best way to desolder PC Boards? With preheat! Remember, David Jacks, president of Zephyrtronics pointed out way back in 1994: "if a PCB Assembly can be made under 300°C in initial production, then it can also be unmade and remade at similar temps!"
So regardless of copper content, number of layers & heavy ground planes? Yes. But you need a PCB fixture, an AirBath preheater, a non-clogging de-soldering tool and you're there.

STEP 1: Secure your PCB within the ABC-1 Board Cradle above the ZT-1 AirBath (not powered) as shown. Generously dip your brush into flux. (Recommended: No Clean Flux NCF-0014 & THB-0144 Thru-Hole Brush)


STEP 4b:  Heat the pin. Position the DeSoldering Tip’s orifice over the joint’s lead/stud.  As solder melts, start a rotating motion with tip until you “sense” the pin moving freely.


STEP 2a:  Apply your flux to targeted solder joint's individual leads and land interface that corresponds to the Thru-Hole device, connector or chip on the opposite side of your PCB assembly you wish to desolder and remove.


STEP 4c: Activate Vacuum! Sensing the pin loose in the hole and solder is molten, lower tip to pad & begin vacuum. Rotating on pin prevents “sweating” of “plated thru-holes”. Do not exert pressure on pads.


STEP 2b: Begin Preheating! Next,  begin the pre-heating process by flipping the rocker switch found on the AirBath to "Warm". (Typically preheat is at 150°C).


STEP 4d:  After extracting solder from hole, lift tip up off the pad and continue vacuum 3-4 extra seconds. Proceed to next joint. Turn off power when done.


STEP 3a: Apply LowMelt®. Note: The preheat advantage permits skipping to Step 4. Still with extremely heavy ground planes, high copper content PCB’s,  a "boost" option is to use a strand of certified LowMelt® DeSolder Wire.


STEP 5a:  Cool down & Clean.  Flip AirBath rocker switch to “Cool” mode to cool down the PCB. Next, dip a through-hole cleaning brush into non-flammable flux remover. We recommend: NFR-0056.


STEP 3b: Melt LowMelt®. directly onto existing joints as needed. Co-metalization has begun! Because no two PCB’s are alike, some joints will require more LowMelt® (Note: Only use certified Zephyrtronics alloy).


STEP 5b: Clean PCB by brush with Non-Flammable Flux Remover as PCB cools under the AirBath.  Inspect.  Turn off ZT-1 AirBath.  Flip PCB over; carefully extract device.


STEP 4a: Ready for DeSoldering! Using a MIL-Spec, temp controlled thru-hole de-soldering tool set at no more than 300°C, take the Desoldering Pistol and lower the Desoldering Tip onto the solder joint stud.  Be careful and do not lower tip to the pad at this point.











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