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ESD Wrist Strap Tester    Wrist Strap Grounding System Tester    ESD-Safe Wrist Strap Testing Unit

The AT-S-250 Wrist Strap Tester gives technicians a quick quality check for your ESD wrist straps.

Fabricated in a durable, ESD-safe plastic housing, the AT-S-250 Tester is a non-complicated, quick and easy tester for your wrist straps. 9 volt battery is included.

The  wrist  strap's  grounding cord/cable  connects   right  into the tester's grounding receptacle located on the back and the band fastens comfortably to your wrist.


Press  the large metal button and the AT-S-250 for instant test results via 3 LED lights.  If the wrist strap is good, the green LED illuminates with an audible signal. If the wrist strap is compromised, one of the two red LED's lights up.

A good wrist strap is between 800K ohms and 9 Meg ohms. If the resistance is too low (below 800K ohms), the "Low" indicator illuminates. If the resistance is too high (above 9M ohms), the "High" indicator light turns on.

Wrist Strap Tester, ESD, Monitoring, Static, Control
The AT-S-250 Wrist Strap Tester
 With Go/No Go Lights And Audible Signal.
Durable ESD-Safe Construction.

ESD Wrist Strap Tester, Button, Control
Wrist Strap Tester.
Big Button Pad. Quick Testing.


Wrist Strap Connector, ESD
 ESD Wrist Strap Plugs
Into Back of the Tester.


Description: AT-S-250 SERIES

ESD-Safe Wrist Strap Tester
Includes Battery
Good, High, Low LED's
Audible Signal
Grounding Receptacle
Generous Pad Test Button
See Technical Data Chart

ESD Wrist Strap Monitor

Qty Item No. Price Buy Now


AT-S-250-1 56.00

2 AT-S-250-2 99.00

5 AT-S-250-5 225.00

Zephyrtronics Technical Data & Specifications

AT-S-250 Wrist Band Strap Tester

ESD Wrist Strap Tester with Go/No Go Indicators
Green LED Lights if Wrist Strap is Good With
Audible Signal To Accompany Light Indicator
Red LED Lights if Wrist Strap Resistance is Too Low or Too High
Good: 800KΩ ≤ R ≤ 9MΩ
Low: R < 800KΩ
High: R > 9MΩ
Includes the 9 Volt Battery 
Quality Manufactured & Individually Tested
An Essential for Static Control During PCB Work


Description: AT-S-200 SERIES

ESD-Safe Wrist Band Strap

6 Ft. (2 Meters) Coiled Cord, Detachable Alligator Clip,
Soft Fabric Band,
Swivel Banana Plug,
1 Meg Ohm Resistor,
Adjustable Nylon Clasp

Qty Item No. Price Buy Now


AT-S-200-1 4.75

2 AT-S-200-2 8.50

5 AT-S-200-V 20.00

10 AT-S-200-X 35.00

50 AT-S-200-L 150.00

Background: Static is easily generated from the mere movements of our clothing upon surfaces or our shoes moving on the floor. Static charges build up inside all of us.

Yes, we "store" the charge in our bodies. Anyone who has stepped across a carpet in the winter and touched a metal door knob is familiar with the little jolting sensation and crackling sound that happens.

All because the charge is within you. And this is what is called Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).


Electrostatic Discharges can quickly and permanently damage sensitive electronics devices used on printed circuit boards (PCB's).  An ESD-Safe wrist strap (also called a grounding bracelet) helps prevent static from being discharged and damaging circuits.

ESD wrist strap's fabric is woven with conductive filaments in an elastic wrist band for electronic techs. Connected to a grounded source, a wrist strap's conductive fibers drain static away from a technician. It prevents discharges and protects electronic chips.

 More Details


Over time, grounding integrity of a wrist strap wears down from dust build up, body oils and such. It is important to periodically test the quality of your wrist straps.

The AT-S-250 is your verification tool so that resistance of your wrist strap is no lower than 800KΩ and no greater than 9MΩ.


Static Control, Monitor, Tester, ESD
AT-S-250  ESD
Wrist Strap Monitor


Quality PCB Work Requires ESD Protection Securing your sensitive electronic devices and components from electrostatic discharges is not an "option" to disregard. An ESD wrist strap tester is an essential "tool" for any engineer or technician working with printed circuit board assemblies in today's world of micro electronics.



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