nts easier than routine benchtop methods" and that itnts easier than y routine benchtop methods" and that itnts easier than ny routine benchtop methods" and that itnts easier than any routine benchtop methods" and that it

Hot Air Pencil, Hot Air Soldering, SMD Soldering, SMT, Micro Soldering, 0201
Hot Air Pencil Soldering


27th  Year Anniversary!

Original Equipment, Made in the USA Manufacturing
All Zephyrtronics Equipment is Designed, Engineered &

PCB Rework Kits, SMD Rework, Kits

Removes Chip Quick, Low Melt

RoHS, Solder Paste

Industrial, Dispensing, Needles, Tapered Tips

Vision Award, Best New Product
1996 "Vision Award" Awarded to Zephyrtronics for
the AirBath™
 "Best New Product of the Year"

Surface Mount Technology, Text Book
Zephyrtronics is Spotlighted in Ray Prasad's Text
"Surface Mount Technology"

SMT Magazine, PCB Rework
"Innovative...simpler, safer way to remove and repair sensitive devices" The Editorial Staff, SMT MAGAZINE

NASA, PCB Rework, BGA Rework
Zephyrtronics AirBath “bathes the circuit board in warm air to reduce thermal stresses to the board and components.”
-- NASA Report
January '04

Hot Air Pencil   SMT Hot Air Soldering     Non-Contact      SMT AirPencil™    Precision Micro Soldering System

SMD Micro-Soldering Pin-Point Precision & Non-Contact Soldering Reflow System...Just So Superior
The ZT-2-MIL AirPencil "is a touch free precision soldering method." -- NASA Report, Jan. '04

A True Hot Air Pencil Should Be Pencil-Like
Hot Air Pencil, Hot Air Soldering, SMD Soldering, SMT, Ceramic Capacitor Soldering
Micro Soldering Hot Air Pencil
#1 on Earth for Two Decades.
NASA Dubbed It "Touch-Free Soldering"
 So Ahead of Its Time! Ideal With Microscopes.
-- Absolutely A Benchtop Essential --
True Micro Soldering!

Hot Air Pencil, Micro Soldering, 0201 TM

An Essential Soldering Tool! The patented ZT-2-MIL Hot AirPencil is essential for SMD soldering. 20 years on the market. Still the most popular touch free, precision soldering tool on earth.

Differentiation! The hand-piece is slim as a pencil, not a hot air tool packaged inside an oversized bulky handle that obstructs a tech's vision from tiny chips being soldered. It's the true air "pencil".

100% Non-Contact! It is a "touch-free" safer method for soldering thermally sensitive IC's, SMD's and delicate ceramic capacitors, glass diodes, ceramic resistors . ZeroTouch.


100% Non-Contact! It is a "touch-free" safer method for soldering thermally-sensitive IC's, QFP's, PLCC's, SOIC's and delicate ceramic capacitors, glass diodes and tiny SMD resistors.

Precision Temperature Control.  With closed loop feedback and a variable temp dial and a variable air flow dial, technicians control with even ultra-light settings for tiny chips. The ZT-2-MIL has a safe, low 24-volt featherweight hand-piece with an integrated 'pencil holder' centered in the design (for right or left hands). Plus it features; self-contained air: no air hook-ups! and a rugged steel ESD-safe case.

Video: Hot AirPencil SMD Soldering With Paste






Buy Now

Hot Air Pencil, SMD, Soldering, Paste, Microscope

The AirPencil™
(120 Volt for the U.S., Canada & Mexico)


Soldering Ceramic Capacitors, 0201

The AirPencil™
(230 Volt For All
Int'l Customers)


Hot Air Tips, 0201, Micro-Soldering



    More Details:

The Hot AirPencil Has Many Advantages Over Soldering Irons: First and foremost, the hot air pencil is completely non-invasive providing precision, pin-pointed, non-contact, low-velocity hot air directly to the individual component leads. But that's hardly the beginning:

ZeroTouch™ Hot AirPencil™ vs the Soldering Iron: There are many additional advantages of the hot air pencil over a traditional contact soldering iron. Below are a just few:

a.) Zero opportunity to bend/deform delicate SMD leads!  Zero chance  to scratch/ruin fragile pads -- a common occurrence with soldering  irons.

b.) Unlike contact soldering iron tips, the ZT-2 does not cross-contaminate PCB's with varying solder alloys, varying fluxes, dirt, grime or adhesives!

c.) Works with Lead-free (RoHS) or traditional tin/lead solders as it never contacts the pad and/or solder unlike traditional soldering tips which must be always segregated at a bench.


d.) With the AirPencil, there is no accidentally bumping or moving your carefully placed SMD which is also a drawback with the soldering iron which can misalign the chip after it is placed because it contacts the chip.

e.) The AirPencil excels where traditional soldering irons fail in preparing or "touching up" pads. While contact irons can leave unwanted tags or "ice-cycles" compounding co-planarity problems, the hot air pencil hot levels and leaves a smooth pad.

f.) Soldering irons damage ceramic chip capacitors, glass diodes, SMD's (especially 0201's, 01005's) by sudden immediate high temperature contact directly to the tiny devices setting up unequal thermal expansions between the chip and its leads causing micro-fissures! Soldering irons historically cause quality issues, with cracking and fissuring caps and diodes. Look at those "soldered" chips by X-Ray. The ZT-2 virtually eliminates this problem. For ZeroTouch you want the ZT-2!


Hot Air, Soldering, Tips
"Touch-Free", Hot Air Soldering is Better Than Traditional Contact Soldering Irons
(See Video Demonstration Above)


Soldering, Ceramic Capacitors, 0201's
Solder Ceramic Caps & Glass Diodes With AirPencils Instead of Soldering Irons. Stop Thermal Shock & Chip Cracking.

Hot Air Soldering Station, Micro Soldering, 0201's
The ZT-2-MIL's Unique 3-Turn Air Velocity Dial. Extra Control for Tiny Chips and Solder Paste.

So Many Features! Rewriting all the rules, Zephyrtronics pulled out all the stops with the ZT-2-MIL AirPencil including its now  world-famous, instantly recognizable and signature trademarked design and its uber-thin hand-piece. Consider 3 issues:

1) The system delivers up to 530ºC at the AirTip™ exit, yet powered by only an extra-safe, extra-low 24 volts (Be sure to investigate the high voltages of our so-called "competition").


2) It's featherweight, pencil-thin hand piece is, to our knowledge, the lightest and thinnest AirPencil ever, making soldering a joy, not a drudge.

3) Our precision air velocity control dial has 3 full rotations extra fine adjustments -- separating it from all other high-velocity so-called "hot air tools" which can and do blow tiny chips away and/or scatter solder balls up under IC's. Our unique 3-turn dial puts you in control while you work.


The AirPencil & Solder Paste: A Great Combination! With our extra low air velocity, work with confidence and success with solder paste making high quality solder joints with fillets at the toes, heels and sides of the SMD's. Experience the difference!  Yes, solder paste at the bench? Want to see how to use the ZT-2-MIL AirPencil?


Our Color Pictorial Process SMD Soldering With Paste is Easy.  The ZT-2-MIL belongs at every work bench where critical PCB rework is performed. For enhanced results, we recommend that it be used in concert with any of our world-famous ZT-1 AirBaths for quality thermal profiles through pre-heating.

Hot Air Pencil, Soldering, Microscope Soldering
The ZT-2-MIL Belongs Where SMD Soldering Is Performed. Over 22 Years Solid History!


The ZT-2-MIL AirPencil
is just so superior to all other so-called hot air tools because of its unique and patented design and utility...including seeing what you're soldering:

1.) Zero Level Static: The ZT-2-MIL was evaluated by Motorola's ESD Lab and was the only hot air tool to qualify for its extra-tough standard of "Zero Static Level" for space applications. Just so superior.

2.) Ultra-Skinny Profile: You Can See The Chip You Are Soldering! The AirPencil is  the sleekest, pencil-thin profile on the market. Other manufacturers crudely re-packaged hot air tools into their existing large, bulky solder iron handles that obstruct vision to SMD's (chip caps, resistors or chip scale size packages). One can not "see around" such goofy designed tools. Just so superior.

3.) Extra Thin, Ergonomic & Feather-Weight Hand-Piece! Our patented ZT-2-MIL is a real air "pencil"  affording essential visibility to very tiny chips when soldering. With the ZT-2, yes, you can still see your chip!

4.) Only 24 Volts in the Handle! Most other hot air pencils require techs to wield high voltages of 120 or up to 240 Volts in their hands. Yikes!


The ZT-2-MIL easily reflows even high temp, lead-free solder alloys with ease with only 24 Volts! How? Our effective internal air heating chamber agitates air providing up to 510°C at the exit point of the AirTip™ at the maximum setting. While we don't think one should solder at those temperatures, but we want to assure you that a properly engineered 24-volt tool can deliver all the punch that those high voltage tools do. Just so superior.

5.) Variable Air Flow With a Truly "Ultra-Light" Range! Our precision air velocity control dial has 3 full rotations for the finest of adjustments ---separating it from all other high-velocity so-called "hot air tools" which can and do blow tiny chips away during reflow and/or scatter solder balls beneath IC's. Just so superior.

A Wide Selection of Air Focusing Tips Are Available: Unlike traditional soldering "tips" which oxidize, the ZT-2-MIL utilizes long life stainless steel Air Tips including the popular Oval Air Tip which, by the way, ships out standard with each system.  A selection of 5 styles of these very affordable Air Tips are available from Zephyrtronics. Plus, every ZT-2-MIL AirPencil System comes with a set of two non-magnetic, stainless SMD steel tweezers for cool chip replacement and removal.

Optional: 5 Distinct Stainless Steel Air Tip Styles are Available for All SMD's 






Hot Air Soldering Tip

SMD Soldering Air Tip, Wide

SMD Soldering Air Tip, Photo, Hot Air Pencil

Hot Air Pencil Soldering Tip

Hot Air Soldering, Preheating PCB

Air Opening
I.D. .125" x .040"

Air Opening
I.D. .300" x .040"

Air Opening
I.D. .095"

Air Opening
I.D. .095"

Air Opening
I.D. .040"






Hot Air Soldering, Preheating PCB
ZT-2-MIL AirPencilWith
 the AirBath

Soldering for Space Applications

The AirPencil Used By NASA & JPL!  Yes, the ZT-2-MIL AirPencil is the very same one used at NASA and JPL for soldering on the two successful 2003 Mars Rovers.

Eliminating any potential for excessive hand pressure on high reliability boards and eliminating any potential contamination of the PCB, the
ZT-2 is essential for quality work.


NASA Reported the Zephyrtronics system makes "mounting/removal of through-hole and surface mount compone "minimizes thermal stresses due to temperature differentials during assembly and rework" saying that the ZT-2-MIL "is a touch-free precision soldering method." -- NASA 39-Page Report, January 9, 2004



Soldering QFP
Non-Contact Reflow
for Fine Pitch Gull Wing QFP's

Soldering PLCC
Easy Reflow of SOJ's,
 J-Leaded PLCC's or SOIC's

Soldering Ceramic Capacitor
Rapid Removal & Replacement  Soldering Chips

Hot Air Rework
Adjustable Air Flow & Variable Temp Control



Rover 'Opportunity' Launched July '03. Arrives on Mars
 Jan '04
 * * * Photographs Courtesy of NASA * * *
First Rover "Spirit" Launched June '03. Arrives on Mars
 Jan '04


 Non-Contact Reflow Soldering for SMD's.
 Closed Loop & Zero Cross Switching.
 Electronic Temperature Control.
 Variable Air Flow and Temp Settings.
 Self-Contained Air Supply (No Air Hook-Ups!)
 Precision, Pin-Pointed Heated Air Stream.
 Reflows Individual Component Leads Only.
 No Adjacent Component Reflow.
 Ultra Light Air Flow Settings to Prevent Unwanted
 Scattered Solder Balls.
 Mill-Spec Compliant
Durable All Metal Construction, Not Plastic
Completely ESD Safe.
 Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.


Electrical Rating:
Model ZT-2-MIL-120: 120 VAC US, Canada & Mexico
Model ZT-2-MIL-230: 230 VAC (International) 

 W x H x D

 6.25" x 8" x 5.75", 16cm x 20cm x 15cm


 5lbs. 8oz.


 Closed Loop Control & Zero Cross
 Switching Variable Temp Control Dial


 Variable, Adjustable Air Flow Dial;
 With "Ultra-Light" for Tiny Chips


 Safe, Low 24 Volt


 Self-Contained Internal Air Pump


 Optimum With ZT-1 AirBath Preheat


1 Year Limited Warranty Parts & Labor

PCB, Hot Air Soldering Station
  The ZeroTouch ™ ZT-2 AirPencil      TM
And Its Trademark, World Famous Pyramidal Design

  For more information, refer to Technical Papers, "The Hot Air Pencil: History & Theory of Making Quality Solder Joints at the Bench" and our color pictorial process page "Quality SMD Soldering at the Bench".
               Fully MIL-Spec Compliant and Approved for Space Applications!




Buy Now

Hot Air Pencil, SMD Soldering ZT-2-MIL-120 AirPencil
Our 120 Volt Model for U.S.A. , Canada & Mexico

(Stainless Steel SMT Tweezers &
Oval Tip Included)



Non-Contact, Hot Air Soldering System ZT-2-MIL-230 AirPencil
Our 230 Volt Model for International Customers

(Stainless Steel SMT Tweezers &
Oval Tip Included)






Model Price Buy Now

Hot Air Soldering Tip

(Standard Tip)
Air Opening ID .125" x .040"
ZT-2-002 $19.99

SMT Soldering Tip, Photo

Air Opening ID .095"
ZT-2-003 $19.99

Hot Air Pencil Soldering Tip

Air Opening ID .095”
ZT-2-004 $24.99

Hot Air Soldering, Preheating PCB

Air Opening ID .040"
ZT-2-005 $19.99

SMD Soldering Tip, Wide

Air Opening ID .300" x .040"
ZT-2-006 $24.99

Hot Air Nozzle


Hot Air Tips


SMD Tweezers













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