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 Ball Grid Array Reballing  How to ReBall BGA's   ReBalling Stencils   BGA Spheres & Solder Balls. Helpful Tips.

This is the Original "Zephyrtronics Way" of Re-Balling Used Globally.


Reballing Ball Grid Arrays is easy, but quality is paramount. Here are ten simples steps! Note: We interchange the words "stencil" and "screen" here as they are both used in the industry.

reball 102

1.  Apply a thin film of a very tack, no clean flux (Zephlux (NCF-0014 ) over entire grid area of the BGA package using an anti-static foam swab as shown at left. Our tack flux "holds" your chip in position with the stencil (next step).

reball 2

2. Match the appropriate re-balling screen for your BGA pattern. Place your component (with the tack flux applied  as shown above) onto the underside of your reballing screen/stencil. Make sure your component and the stencil are squared. Do NOT use liquid (runny) fluxes or paste fluxes (stringy).

reball 3 copy

3. Ideally, position a "Re-Balling Pan"  under the Stencil. Place chip into Re-Balling Pan so that the handles of stencil lay directly above those of the Re-Balling Pan as shown at left. Note how well the "tack" flux holds chip and stencil together!

reball 4

4. Pour appropriate Solder Spheres onto Re-Balling Screen. Securing both handles of the stencil, rotate left & right dumping any excess spheres into the Tank. If your stencils don't have handles, you can secure the stencil with your Kapton® tape or other ways easily enough.

reball 5

5. Next up: the ZT-3 Air Pick with a Re-Balling Needle Tip (from our popular ZT-5-VPAK variety tip pack) to hold your Solder Spheres onto the end of the AirPick™. The AirPick™ features the unique "quick vacuum release" critical when trying to get the job done. 

reball 6

6. Now, use your ZT-3-AirPick to remove any extra, loose and "rolling around" Solder Spheres from out of the stencil. Also use your AirPick to fill in any holes on your Re-Balling Screen as shown here. The Zephyrtronics way of using a tank is helpful as it catches all the extra solder spheres.


Make Your Own Kit

A Good BGA Re-Balling Set-Up or Station Should Include All of the Following:

• Solder Spheres for Re-Balling
   Vial of 10K -30 Mil Diameter
   Vial of 10K -25 Mil Diameter
   Vial of 10K -20 Mil Diameter
   Vial of 10K -12 Mil Diameter
• Re-Balling Stencil/Screen (BGA Pattern)
• Re-Balling Pan, • Re-Balling Platform
• Re-Balling Tank (If possible)
• Re-Balling Needle Tip Pack (ZT-5-VPAK)
•The ZT-1 AirBath™ Bottom-side Preheat
LowMelt® DeSolder Wire 487
Vacuum Lifting System
• Zephlux™ Tacky Flux
• Non-Flammable Flux Remover
• Scrub Brushes
Foam Swabs
, ESD Safe & Solder Wick
• Set of Two Stainless Steel Tweezers

Be Sure You Verify if You are Working With Tin/Lead or Lead-Free Alloys.

reball 7  

7. Place the Re-Balling Platform (out of VO non-flammable glass fiber board) into your ABC-1 Board Cradle. Position the the Cradle in front of your ZT-7-MIL. Now, simply place the Re-Balling Pan and Re-Balling Screen on top of the ReBalling Platform.

Using a Zephyrtronics AirBath™ from below, preheat your chip (very important) at this stage. Remember, a BGA is essentially a very small and delicate PCB so preheat is really needed!

  reball 8

8. After a 1-2 minute preheat (soak) of the chip and spheres, you can next lower the Z-axis heating zone of the ZT-7-MIL down to where the hot air nozzle is approximately 1/8" or 3mm above the Re-Balling unit. Set your countdown timer to 1:20 to 1:30 for most chips. Set your top temperature to 230ºC to 250°C for most chips. Start the timer and the heating from above.

  reball 9

9. Yes! The picture at the left says it all. When the timer begins to beep, turn off top heater. As the Re-Balling unit cools, carefully separate the component out from the screen as shown in the photograph at the left. (Caution: The Re-Balling unit may still be hot.) Inspect your component and you are ready for final cleaning.

  reball 10   10.  Final Cleaning: Dip one of your Scrub Brushes into the non-flammable flux remover (NFR-0056, also included in the Kit!). Generously apply the flux-remover throughout the component until all of the old flux has been stripped away. Inspect.

Note: If you are re-using the same BGA, but need to remove the old solder, use the ZT-1 AirBath™ together with our famous LowMelt® DeSolder Wire. Oh, yeah. Ideal application.

Ten Easy to Follow Steps for High Quality Re-Balling!
We've made it easy for you! Don't be shy! Give us a call or e-mail us today at with any questions. We are always happy to assist you.


BGA Rework

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