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Solder Wick / DeSoldering Braid

What is solder wick? Solder wick (also called de-soldering braid) is an essential tool at the electronic bench where printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping, repair and rework are performed.

Zephyrtronics Solder Wick is fabricated from high-density, oxygen-free and individual copper strands that are precision-braided and treated with pure, Type R rosin flux for  the  fastest  capillary  or  wicking  action  as solder  melts, so  the solder  is  wicked  up and off the pins or leads on PCB components.


Many Applications! Whether you are soldering or de-soldering PCB's for military applications, high-reliability aerospace, computers, laptops, televisions, cell phones, game consoles or in most every electronic application, you will quickly recognize and appreciate the rapid, capillary-action speed.

Zephyrtronics Solder Wick also safely removes unwanted solder bridges between your chip's leads or excessive solder left on your PCB and can be used with flux to carefully clean up BGA's after desoldering.

DeSolder Braid, Solder Wick, DeSoldering Wick

Zephyrtronics Popular, Rapid Capillary-Action Braid Wicks Up Excessive Solder from PCB's
from SMD's & Thru-Hole components.

DeSoldering Braid
152cm (5 Ft) of Premium Wick Wound on Static-Dissipative Spools Easy Dispensing. Stackable Spools. Braid With: Universal 2mm (0.075")

Conveniently Coiled. Easy Dispensing static dissipative (ESD-Safe) spools. Each spool contains 5 feet or 152cm of our premium fluxed, oxygen-free braided wick and is RoHS compliant for Lead-Free soldering applications.

Why Type-R Rosin Flux? Zephyrtronics only markets wick with Type R rosin flux for good reasons. Why is that?

1.) It has  historyThere's just  nothing,  in  our  opinion, with such a proven record of over 50 years with PCB's like Type R.

2.) Highly Active for Tough PCB Work: A significant and common challenge with desoldering PCB chips is that the board or components have been "in use" and exposed to the elements. Many times, PCB's are barely even solderable and achieving a "wetting condition can be difficult. This is why and where our Type-R is so  handy.

3.) Type-R flux: A real "heat conductor" that transfers any applied heat from a soldering iron or a hot air tool directly to the soldered pad, lead or joint making it even more ideal for lead-free solder applications.


Don't Take Chances With Your Wick! It is hardly any secret that there are a lot really tough applications where older PCB's are being reworked or where a lot of oxidation has taken place on the pad/lead interface. In such instances, the limited amount of flux that is typically within your de-solder braid just may not be sufficient. For decades savvy technicians have dipped their wick/braid into additional flux before applying the wick to the PCB to compensate for the lack of flux within the braid to "do the job". After all, there's only so much flux that can be impregnated into the stranded copper braid by any wick manufacturer. That's just a stark fact.

So, while Zephyrtronics is a big fan of no-clean fluxes (which is why we market no-clean fluxes), our collective experience has shown us that when it comes to only the specific use of de-soldering braid (or wick), it's just best not to take chances with  under-powered fluxes within the braid itself. For this reason, Zephyrtronics only markets wick with the more aggressive Type-R rosin flux which has a proven history of over half a century at the electronic bench.




152cm (5 ft) Long Braid
 High-Density Braid
Oxygen-Free & Oxide-Free Powerful Type-R Flux
Static Dissipative Spools

Popular Width: 2mm (0.075")
RoHS Compliant

Solder Wick

Qty Item No. Buy Now


WIK-0152 $6.00

2 WIK-0152-2 $11.00

5 WIK-0152-V $27.50

10 WIK-0152-X $49.50

Zephyrtronics Technical Data & Specifications
AT-S-200 ESD-Safe Wrist Band Strap

 ESD-Safe Spool (MIL STD 2000 and DOD STD 1686)
 Cleaner, Consistent DeSoldering Wicking
  Pure, Type R Powerful Resin Flux
 De-Solders Thru-Hole from PCB Barrels
 Removes Solder Bridges Between SMD Pins
 Removes Residual Solder on BGA's Before Re-Balling
 Works With Soldering Irons & Hot Air Tools
 Universal Braid Width for Most Pad Sizes, Microchips to Big Lugs
 Braid Width: 2mm (0.075")   Length of Braid: 152cm (5 Feet)
 High Density Oxygen-Free Copper
 MIL-Spec Compliant: Meets Mil-F-14256F Type R
 Conforms to Critical ANSI/J-STD-004 Standard
 Manufactured to SPC Guidelines
  A PCB DeSoldering Classic Flux
  RoHS Compliant.  ESD-Safe Spool
  High Density Oxygen-Free Copper 


Description: AT-S-200 SERIES

ESD-Safe Wrist Strap:
With 6 Ft. (2 Meters) Coiled Cord
Swivel Banana Plug Snap-On Alligator Clip
1 Meg Ohm Resistor
Soft Fabric Band, and
Adjustable Nylon Clasp

Wrist Strap
Qty Item No. Price Buy Now


AT-S-200-1 4.75

2 AT-S-200-2 8.50

5 AT-S-200-V 20.00

10 AT-S-200-X 35.00

50 AT-S-200-L 150.00











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Solder Wick / DeSoldering Braid


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