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SMT Rework Award
The Prestigious "Vision Award" Presented to Zephyrtronics at the Surface Mount Int'l Expo in Silicon Valley Recognizing Its Breakthrough Approach For PCB's at the Bench!

"Innovative...simpler, safer way to remove and repair sensitive devices" --
 The Editorial Staff of

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 AirBath is Featured
in Ray Prasad's Definitive Text "Surface Mount Technology"

NASA Rework Report
NASA Publishes 39-Page Report Touting Zephyrtronics With Over 300 Photographs After the Successful Mars Rover Program

Video Demonstrations & Presentations
The Best Solution for SMD, SMT, BGA Rework and Repair and PCB Preheating
How to Solder & De-Solder & Preheat BGA's, SMD's, QFN's & More.

Video: The 4 Methods of Preheating. This helpful and comparative video juxtaposes the four current methods of preheating printed circuit board assemblies (PCB's) and spotlights the drawbacks and advantages of some methods over others. The viewer will see the use of hot plates, infrared (IR) preheating, industrial ovens and the more popular bottom-side forced convection (AirBaths™) along with charts and graphs that showcase the distinctions between these methods.

The video clearly demonstrates why the bottom-side, forced convection method became the first choice of electronic manufacturers around the globe, why it is more effective and better suited to PCB prototyping, rework and low volume production runs when soldering & desoldering SMD, BGA, QFN & Thru-Hole chips.

Video Duration: 9 minutes.



Witness the eyebrow-raising and uncanny multiple functions and utilities that made the ABC Series the most popular PCB holders on the planet for nearly 20 years.

As you will see, there's a lot more than what first meets the eye with these transforming ABC Board Cradles. Duration: 4 minutes.

Video: The ABC's of PCB Holders: This comparative video details the advantages, versatility of our ABC Series of Adjustable Board Cradles over other PCB fixtures. and shows pitfalls and limitations of inferior holders, how they punish PCB techs waste time (money) and hurt productivity at the bench during PCB prototyping & rework.



Video: BGA DeSoldering & Removal Demonstration With NASA Commentary This short informative video demonstrates quality and ease of soldering, desoldering, and BGA removal in less than 5 minutes. Thermal profiling is taught with ramp, preheat, soak and final solder reflow, plus removal of a BGA, QFN, CSP or any SMD.


Video shows board prep, fluxing, chip alignment, soldering, desoldering & PCB clean-up after chip removal. The video shows quality PCB inspection. Viewer witnesses desoldering a BGA as it actually lifts off the PCB...hands-free! Photos and observations from NASA included in video. Afterward, see ZT-7 WebPage for more details. 10 minutes.


Video: How to Place & Solder SMD's With Solder Paste & a Hot Air Pencil.  A "how to" video familiarizes the viewer with actual placing and soldering SMD's using a Hot AirPencil and Solder Paste. Video shows traditional 63/37 solder paste, but RoHS lead-free solder works equally well.


Importance of ramping, preparing the PCB, applying solder paste, hot air reflow of the SMD, clean-up & inspection. See how easy using solder paste instead of solder wire is. All equipment, tools and supplies shown in video are included in any of our popular Zephyrtronics Systems. Video: 5 minutes.


Video: Remove SMD Chip Quick @ 150°C This short video demonstrates how to de-solder and remove SMD's in less than 3 minutes through the synergy of LowMelt® Desolder & AirBath Preheaters. Technicians can confidently remove SMT chip (QFP's, PLCC's, SOIC's SOL's SOJ's & sockets) without specialty nozzles at below 150°C!


Learn how to remove any chip quickly without burning boards, lifting pads or chip damage. through the Science of Zephyrtronics™ now utilized daily by NASA, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard and the Department of Defense. For more details, see our Systems Guide. Video: 5 minutes.


Video: The Science of Low Temperature Soldering & De-Soldering This video teaches how to place, remove, rework and repair SMD's and Thru-Hole Devices including ceramic capacitors, glass diodes, flex circuits and resistors without damage to the substrate, its pads, traces or the chips...when the "science" is on your side!


Using animation and charts, the video teaches the 3 critical thermal zones for PCB's during production and how these same 3 zones apply to PCB's at a bench in prototyping, rework and repair.

After the video, visit our Systems Guide for more details.  Duration: 9 minutes.



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